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An exhaust system is a critical part of any vehicle with an internal combustion engine. Its purpose is to direct the hot gases produced from the engine’s combustion process away from the engine and out of the vehicle. This helps cool the engine, reduces noise, and directs harmful emissions away from the vehicle’s occupants. Exhaust systems start with the exhaust manifold, which collects the exhaust gases from the engine’s cylinders and directs them into one or more exhaust pipes via a turbo charger if applicable. These pipes run along the underside of the vehicle and contain various emission and noise reduction components including a catalytic converter, Diesel Particulate Filter, muffler, and tailpipe.

Function of exhaust components.

Mufflers absorb sound waves and dissipate exhaust noise. Catalytic converters neutralize harmful pollutants like carbon monoxide. Diesel Particulate Filters as the name suggests filter particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gasses to enable a clean emission of gasses out the rear of the vehicle. The Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF will regularly require a burn off function to occur to enable clearing of the particulate matter from the filter element. In addition to these minor components such as flex joints, mounts and rubbers make up the complete system. Well-designed exhausts enable efficient passage of exhaust gases, allowing for better engine output.

What is lacking in my factory exhaust?

Depending on the purpose for the vehicle in question, manufacturers will have a different set of priorities to the end user. Where the manufacturer may preference a quiet system to meet stringent noise standards and comport in new vehicles, the end user may preference hearing a nice note from their engine. The manufacturer will likely preference use of a cost-effective material and manufacturing process, though this leaves a lot to be desired in the form of finish standards and longevity of the system from having been made in mild steel or a low-grade stainless steel. The manufacturer will preference and work to a set of emission standards required of then which can result in a de-tuned engine and restrictive exhaust system.

Why upgrade my exhaust?

With the need for additional power and torque output from 4WD vehicles for towing or addition of accessories and larger tyres there comes a need to improve the airflow characteristics of the engine or volumetric efficiency. This requires improving the airflow into and out of the engine coupled with tuning to suit. We can just raise the boost pressure on a turbo charged vehicle and correct fuelling to suit though there is a point where this results in the turbo and engine operating in a range that is inefficient. We then need to increase the flow capacity of the overall system. This is where an increase diameter exhaust becomes a need for the engine to operate efficiently. By increasing the diameter of the exhaust and utilising higher flowing components the flow capacity of the system will increase and improve the engines volumetric efficiency. At Fatz Fabrication we like to focus not only on the function of the exhaust but also the feature that an exhaust system can be. We work in 304 grade Stainless steel and manufacturer with 101.6mm tubing. Now this sizing is overkill for the vehicles being installed to, though does make for an extremely nice note out of the V8 1VD 70 series and looks in proportion to the vehicle. With a premium standard finish in mind, we ensure all components are made of the same grade of Stainless steel to ensure all components last and look good even after many off road adventures. Even being stainless steel, the exhaust will tarnish and stain underneath a vehicle. The system can be renewed quite easily with a bit of metal polish and some elbow grease.

Within the exhaust topic, there are many different options and what is right for one person may not suit another. What is applicable to all vehicles and all owners is that there are real world advantages and improvements that will be realised from upgrading the exhaust system on your vehicle. These include improved efficiency of the vehicles engine resulting in increased power potential, reduction in fuel consumption. Improved lifespan of the system will also result with improved material choices and finishing processes. We at Fatz Fabrication look to supply premium standard product through our exhaust offering and aim to lead the market in performance and finish standards.