Air Filters

Fatz Built have designed Air Filters for off-road driving with paper elements that have a filtration efficiency of 99.5-99.7% and 8 Layer gauze elements that have a filtration efficiency of 99.3-99.5%. We have used them for many years for a variety of applications, including daily drivers and off-road racing vehicles. With option for “(9)” and “(7)” long elements, we can use them for general applications and replacements for Fatz Built Air boxes. Flow ratings on our 9” filters are 1180CFM maximum flow for our 8 Layer, 9” filter and 1080CFM for our Paper element, 9” filters. The Pod design offers many advantages over the OEM panel filters. Despite heavy suction or clogged filters, the filter will not leak from the air-box outlet because of its very secure design. With a quality, filter element material, there is no way for dust to bypass the filter under normal operating conditions.

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